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December 23, 2013

all i want for christmas is

Christmas is only two days away!! That's crazy!
Hope you all have a great holiday and spend them with your loved ones. 

So I wanted to post this yesterday, however my area had a terrible ice storm. Literally it was snowing ice. And Sunday morning, I woke up to see that everything was covered in ice! Not only that, many cities around my area had a power outage!! No power, no heat, no electricity, no internet. I was going crazy without internet. Luckily I had a book that I haven't started reading and I was hoping to start soon! I was reading Afterlife by Claudia Gray, the last book in the Evernight series. So that got me entertained because it is so good!!

But now I want to share a little something that I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy, since we're all fangirls here. 

All I really want for Christmas is someone who can understand me. Who I can talk to about anything. Who can be my best friend and lover. Who can be there for me when I'm at my worst and still love me. 

So I have a list of my favourite guys who I am currently obsessed with because I wish that I could find someone like them. (Why can't guys be like them! *sob*) They are my dream guys and oh how I wish one of them would appear under my Christmas tree.

So here they are!

Daniel Sharman
Josh Hutcherson

Niall Horan

Jamie Campbell Bower

Max Irons

Sam Claflin

Jeremy Sumpter

Joseph Morgan
Nathaniel Buzolic

I wish any one of them would appear in my room right now. T-T 
Oh well.