Eat. Sleep. Read. Fangirl.

February 25, 2015


a person who is energized by spending time alone. Often found in their homes, libraries, quiet parks, or other secluded places. Introverts like to think and be alone.

I see and hear things, but I keep it to myself. My mind goes through a roller coaster of thoughts, but I don't say much. I am quiet, shy, more reserved. I am an introvert. Many people (extroverts) often don't like being around introverts because they are quiet and boring. However, some may have great social lives. If you are like me, I find it sometimes exhausting to socialize and I would need some time alone to recharge. This doesn't mean that I am self-absorbed or oblivious to others, I simply rely on my thoughts to guide me. I may take my time to gather my thoughts and information because I want to make it right to share it to the world.

Sometimes I have to go out and be an extrovert for awhile, but I'd get stumped. I would not know how to start a conversation or keep it going, or I would be stuck on making small talk. In my mind, I'd be thinking of going back home and curl up in bed with a book. That's one of the downsides of being an introvert. I just don't know what to say to people. I'm the type of person who'd rather stay in than go to a party or social event. I just find it more comforting. I restore myself when I'm alone. If I had a chance to change to an extrovert, I would not. I don't mind being an introvert, in fact I like being one. And meeting another person like me is the most amazing feeling ever. I like having a few close friends and staying at home. Nothing is better than that.

Which one are you? 
Introvert or extrovert? 
Or both?

February 21, 2015


Listening to good music
Watching the sun set
Reading an emotional scene of a book
Watching a horror movie
Feeling a cold breeze
When you play with my hair
Running your fingers down my back
And kissing you

Those give me goosebumps.

February 16, 2015


Robbers - The 1975

I'll give you one more time
We'll give you one more fight
Said one more line
Will I know you

February 12, 2015


As a child, my imagination was wild and endless. If I was given a blank piece of paper with crayons, I would give you my own version of a masterpiece. But now, I would probably stare at the paper not knowing what to do with it. I feel like as I'm getting older, I'm lacking imagination. It's kind of hard when everything we do gets judged. This restricts us and puts a barrier from what we really want to do. I fear the arts. Why? Because you are supposed to be talented. I look at other people's beautiful creations and I'm just in awestruck. I would never be able to do that. I feel like it's a competition, but it should not be. I believe everyone is an artist in their own way. It is supposed to be a way to express any emotions or feelings into a work of art. And it should all be accepted. 

I need to tell myself to not be scared. I want to let my mind explore the possibilities that I can do that I have yet to discover. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make my soul grow. I want to be inspired, and I probably already am by others. I want my art to define who I am and share a part of me to the world. I want to have created something.

February 7, 2015

is there a way out?

"She held a globe in her hand and then spun it over and over again, all in search for a way out of this world."

- Bshayer F.R